By: Bhoomi Jain

Within the first nine days of being sworn into office, President Joe Biden has reversed many of the Trump administration’s executive actions and made a fast response to the countries’ COVID-19 response. He has signed 42 executive orders since being inaugurated and plans to increase that number by a lot. The official orders were dealing with not only COVID-19, but also immigration laws, racial equalities, climate change, and so much more.

The President’s response to the global pandemic, COVID-19 is what caught the attention of many people. He signed orders that provided relief to Americans not only financially, but also provided protection against the virus itself. He tightened travel restrictions, causing all travelers to wear masks at all times. This also included restrictions for travelers coming from countries with high infectious rates such as Brazil, the UK, and South America. He signed an order that would accelerate the production of safety gear such as masks, face shields, gloves, and other protective gear. They aim towards giving every American free COVID-19 vaccines and are pushing towards the production and distribution of the vaccine to become faster. The administration is also pushing towards the reopening and continuation towards school. COVID-19 relief was also offered to Americans financially.

President Biden has signed many orders regarding Americans to be financially stable during the global pandemic. Any qualifying American who missed out on stimulus checks last year, is still able to sign up for them currently. The Biden administration also is providing food support for any American who needs it. They have also currently extended the pause on any federal student loan payments to support students throughout the pandemic. As also extending moratoriums in many other ways.

A few of the biggest executive orders from Trump’s presidency that the Biden Administration reversed were dealing with the affordable care act, medicaid, climate change and immigration. The President made climate change a national concern which led to him creating the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology which would advise the President with issues such as climate change. He also reversed Trump administration’s law that stoped abortion clinics from not getting funding. This would stop clinics from performing or promoting abortions for women. He strengthened Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act which would allow federal agencies to go over policies that would have previously reduced access to affordable medical care. The President signed multiple executive orders which ended discriminatory bans which made entering the US hard. He also halted the construction of the Border Wall between the US and Mexico border.

The President has taken action to fight against discriminatory bans in workplaces. This combats any biases based on race, ethnicity, or gender. He also reversed the law formed by the Trump administration which banned any transgender person to serve in the military. Now any eligible and qualified American is allowed to serve in the military.

In just 9 days, President Joe Biden and his team have worked together and signed 42 executive orders. During the President’s inauguration he said,”Today we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate but of a cause: the cause of democracy’ the next ‘100 days’ are set to be marked by this hopeful and unifying message.” This only marks the beginning of the BidenHarris presidency, there is so much more to come.


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